Annie Dressner
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“Fortunately, she’s an artist worth seeking out."
iTunes US

"I like that very much..."
Gideon Coe - BBC 6 Music

"Exquisite song..."
Tom Robinson - The Tom Robinson Show

"That's beautiful..."
Adam Walton, Janice Long Show - Radio Wales

"Shatteringly good."
Mike Davies - Folk Radio UK

"How lovely was that?"
Tom Ravenscroft - BBC Radio 6

"...Broken Into one of the freshest and most enjoyable releases of the year."
Jonathan Roscoe - Shire Folk

"BROKEN INTO PIECES should see Annie's star rise." ****
Allan Wilkinson - Northern Sky

"Singer songwriter Annie Dressner was one of the great delights at Cambridge festival with her sharp lyrics and strong melodies."

"...simply put, superb..."
Beehive Candy

"...this is an excellent album, with many, many highlights..."
Cambridge Music Reviews

"For an album that is probably on the Folkie end of the Americana spectrum BROKEN INTO PIECES has more S.O.U.L than anything you are going to hear from just about anyone else this year or many more to come."
The Rocking Magpie

"The more and more I listen to ‘Broken Into Pieces’, the more I find something new in it. Its a beautiful thing and its definitely a keeper.."
Darren Beech -

"There's a lot of good singer-songwriters out there, but Annie Dressner rises above the vast majority of them."
Graham Rice - Wagonload Of Monkeys WJFF, Radio Catskill

"... sweet and easy to listen to..."
Nell McLeod - Sound On Sound

"Annie Dressner's Single 'Fades Away' is a true gem... Annie makes her music easy to listen to over and over again. Annie's voice is authentic, smooth and unique. Her voice is what makes her stand out among the millions of artists out there... Be warned, you will be repeating this all day! We definitely did."
The Drunken Coconut

"...cherubic... we’re naturally drawn to the easy vocal manner and low slung dynamics which push a proper authentic sound. All so sweet and it exposes New Yorker Annie Dressner as one of that rare kind who are just themselves but each word issued is as beguiling as the next..."
Kevin Hugger - mp3hugger

"Dressner is a folk poet par excellence... an able auteur whose career is off to an excellent start."
Lee Zimmerman - No Depression

"Dressner... writes with toes in cold and warm waters, binding everything into one steady stream, cutting through a valley."
Sean Moeller - Daytrotter

"...a name to watch for!"
Alex - Folk Radio UK

"Dressner... has an assured and individual voice, sweet but strong. She reminds me a bit of Kimya Dawson and Hop Along, but they're both more whimsical, less direct. Singing about uncertainty, "I'll look for you in me" is one of the more simple and powerful lines on loss that I've heard in a song."
Becky Varley-Winter - For Folk's Sake'

"...deserves and rewards repeated listening...Broken InTo Pieces is one to check out..."
Pete Whalley - Get Ready To Rock

"Another lovely lady... bringing with her a healthy slice of Americana twee. Fans of Jenny Lewis will certainly go in for the cute melodies of debut album Strangers Who Knew Each Other’s Names, but that’s not the only charm lurking under the wash of sound found within. All served up to you with a decent chunk of whipped cream and banoffee pie: too much and you’ll have a heart attack, too little and you’ll turn into a bitter old hag."
Tiffany Daniels - Drunken Werewolf

"With a saccharine voice and an intricate musicality, her delicate sound ends up resonating like an alt-country hybrid of Jessica Lea Mayfield, She & Him, Gillian Welch and Maia Vidal."
Huw Oliver - DIY

"Multiple listens are rewarded."
Keith Creighton - Popdose 

"Following on from her full debut release ‘Strangers Who Knew Each Other’s Names’, which was positively reviewed by everyone including Stereoboard...  ‘East Twenties’ contains just 4 tracks and barely makes it past 12 minutes but the quality more than makes up for the brevity."
David Ball - Stereoboard

"American songstrel Annie Dressner crafts beautiful tunes that deal with love and loss, melodic folk that lovers of the likes of First Aid Kit are sure to adore."
Amelia Gregory - Amelia's Magazine

"We... like what we heard."

"She has got the sweet folk vibe nailed."
Pigeon Note

"East Twenties‘ makes for a splendid listen, and its contrasting emotional themes are as engaging as they are stunning."
Mark Riley - Hooting and Howling Magazine

"Annie's music is comforting and calming, a singer whose music you would want to hear in a quaint coffee shop... If you love the acoustic sound of Ed Sheeran and the femininity and voices of First Aid Kit, then you'll definitely need to get a copy of East Twenties."
Lauren Longran - Pamplemousse

"A fine gem of a release, full of charmingly crafted, emotionally transparent acoustic pop. If it doesn’t win the confidence and gratitude of anyone who’s felt the same at some point in their lives, I’d be immensely surprised."
Wesley Freeman-Smith - Slate The Disco

"There has to be more from Annie Dressner but in the meantime, add this release to last year’s album and you’ll begin to understand what an outstanding talent we have in our midst."
David - Three Chords and the Truth UK

"A must listen to if you love a warm, intimate singer who has a great charm and never loses her grip on the listener."
The Sprout

"Her evocative lyrics, plain speaking yet restrained, even when singing about the death of a friend in I Can’t Forget, makes these songs all the more poignant."
Marian Shek -

"...Finding those needles in the hay-stack has become quite a joy. The latest sharp point to stand out is American Annie Dressner."
Jon Sidwell - Music Liberation

"I’m pleased to tell you that her EP East Twenties ... as I expected, it’s excellent."
Poe - Homeless Tracks

"Heartbreaker is... one of my favourite songs I've heard in 2013"
Simon - Beat Surrender

"Her greatest talent is in her beautifully descriptive story-telling and her evocative use of language, and on this record she lays those strengths out in abundance."
The Evening's Empire

“Her music is both whimsical and melancholic, with a fantastic voice that reminds me a little of Jessica Lea Mayfield - that great combination of beauty and sadness."
Listen Up Manchester

“With a debut album full of charming pop songs that recall British bands like Camera Obscura and Belle and Sebastian as much as the American songwriters who first inspired her to write music, she could probably move to a small village in one of the less fashionable parts of Mongolia and still make a favourable impression."
Jonathan - Lazy Brighton

"Ruth hasn’t stopped rabbiting on about Annie Dressner this week! And it’s thoroughly understandable as Annie couldn’t be more perfectly current if she was delivered all neatly gift-wrapped to the gates of a huge advertising company, complete with a label saying “use me for your adverts and I’ll make you millions”.
Amazing Radio

"'Broken Into Pieces'... Annie is sounding as good as ever...”
Ernie Goggins - 27 Leggies

"Annie Dressner... impressed with her eloquent songs and pure vocal style. She made a favourable impression on the Cluny faithful.”
Maurice Hope - Jumpin' Hot Club

"Annie Dressner is a siren; not in a metaphorical entertainment writer speak sort of way, but in a literal "I think she has some magic in her" sort of way."
Daniel F. Kent - Examiner

"Now here's a gal we can root for. A singer of plucky can-do folk-pop tunes-some electric, others acoustic-Dressner loves, loses and wakes up in Brooklyn bars wearing painter's caps. She takes it all in stride, staying silly and sweet in a sourpuss world."
M Music & Musicians Magazine

"Overall a solid debut, with each melody a showcase for Annie’s authentic emotions.”
Highly Recommended - Power Popaholic

"Her debut album... all underpinned by a distinctive, charmingly warm vocal style… The result is an album full of songs that are lyrically evocative, yearning and unstintingly honest…"
Alistair McCluskey - Explorer

"Her quirky style and what I call "a smile in the voice" are just like a good honest talk with a friend."
Anna Harris - Café Yak

“She's done a hell of a job convincing this listener."
Jack Goodstein - Blogcritics

"Annie Dressner’s voice has a twilight poignancy, this majestic loneliness, and nowhere on her forthcoming release Strangers Who Knew Each Others Names is that more true than on its title track."
Nick DeRiso - Something Else Reviews

"like sitting with a good friend in a corner booth over a beer, as Dressner details her life in song."
Wildy Haskell - Wildy's World

"Annie’s confessional quirkiness hooks you in at first listen, and her sweet voice and the lush, layered production will have you pressing “repeat” She’s got that thing."
Heather Rodriguez - Lyrical Venus, KRUUFM

"The album flows very smoothly with the combination of low-key acoustic instrumentation and the innocence of Annie's voice.
Jim Pasinski - The Record Journal

"Lyrics like 'I felt more love than I felt in years/it’s nice to know that it still appears sometimes' show that its not all doom and gloom and that Dressner is a fan of the simple things, true love and words of truth."
Jon Dodd - The Monograph

"...this is an album filled with potential and promise for this talented artist. After receiving fantastic reviews upon its general release last year, it’s taken me a whole year to find her and thank god I have."
Elliott Quantrill